Idea #3: Start Facebook groups in competition over how to pronounce 2010


A few years ago, I remember reading a blog or watching something on TV that brought up the question over how people will end up pronouncing the name of the year 2010. It got me thinking, but it was always in the back of my mind. Now, 2010 is officially upon us.

The concept:

Just like this and this, there are Facebook groups and pages in direct competition with others. Why not apply that to the above debate? Create two (or three) groups or pages, one for “twenty ten” and one for “two thousand ten.” If it’s necessary, “two thousand and ten” may need its own group. Once they’re done and the people invited, let the fun begin.

The Pros:

  • Admittedly, not many except the fun. There’s no big cause here. Regardless, it’s probably worth a shot.
  • If this takes off, there’s some notoriety there for whoever starts each group.

The Cons:

  • Because this is so simple, there are very few downsides.
  • The only big one I can think of is that New Year has already occurred. There is less hype than before. At the same time, this could work if it picks up momentum over the holiday weekend, when people see a little bit less of each other and therefore aren’t able to share how they pronounce 2010 in person.


I just thought I’d share a cool picture.  Click here to see a shot of fireworks coming off the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


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