Check this idea out #1: Shaming distracted drivers

I don’t think I’ve heard about The Hannibal Blog or Andreas Kluth before, but he has a pretty good idea. It aims to shame distracted drivers into adopting safer habits by creating a blog about them. The concept is simple: if you see a distracted driver, take a picture of him/her or the car’s plate numbers, then upload it to the site.

BONUS: I was curious, so I looked this up. There are a few websites that are based on similar ideas, but none are exactly the same. They don’t add the element of possibly having the person’s face in the description. Regardless, check  out Platester and Platewire. Beware, though. I imagine quite a few people post when they’re angry, so there may be some foul language.


2 Comments on “Check this idea out #1: Shaming distracted drivers”

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