Idea #14: Combine Mancala with a pool table

For ideas that pop into my head and require little clarification, I will likely not use the P-C-P-C format that accompanies most of my posts.

Before reading this, you should probably familiarize yourself with some essential background information. In case you don’t know how Mancala is played, here is a video guide to the method most players are familiar with. Just in case you’re not sure what a pool table looks like, here’s an artist’s representation.

Pool Table

This is a standard pool/billiards table's layout. Recognize it?

Frankly, I’m not positive as to how exactly this might work. However, if one were to blend the two games together by adding enough pockets to a pool table, great things may happen.

Ideas as to how this might work? Let us all know in the comments. Alternatively, I’ve set up a wikia site where readers can discuss ideas and propose their own solutions to problems. The first official page corresponds to this, and the URL is Check it out, and post any suggestions there.


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