Cool Idea #3: Reconfigurable Apartment

Check this house (is that the right word?) out at

The concept of convertible rooms has been tried before, but this implementation by Gary Chang in a 344 sq. ft. apartment easily beats any others I’ve seen. He has given a single Hong Kong flat the potential to be any of twenty-four different rooms by means of sliding walls and folding shelves.

While watching the video seen at the original post or below, I noticed the design motifs of multipurpose space and efficient use. “It’s very important that the bed disappears, because otherwise the bed [occupies] the most dominant area of the home especially as it’s so small,” Chang says at one point. Words of wisdom that follow the less is more principle. The home is efficient energy-wise as well.  See 2:50 for more info. Even before he redesigned his family’s tenement, which he now calls “Domestic Transformer,” Mr. Chang  squeezed as much utility from as many square feet as possible by sleeping in the (small) living room. Chang’s family wasted no space, and I think that the necessity to continue with that is what drove this design.

Again, this was via Colt Monday.


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