Cool Idea #4: Plinky

Plinky ( is an idea that I truly wish I had thought of. Though frequent bloggers usually have some innate ability to write about almost anything they choose, they sometimes stumble and can’t think of anything good to discuss. This is the premise for Plinky’s existence. The concept remedies this by giving a blogger a sort of external source made for her to find writing inspiration. Each day, she can find a new thought-provoking prompt to write about.

Not only is Plinky a great idea, but it appears to be dead simple to use. Being run by Automattic, the site should work directly with your account here on, so any transitions will likely occur smoothly. The layout is free of clutter, contains everything that’s needed to post (I think…), and looks great. My guess is that for its simplicity and other factors, Plinky will become a fundamental part of several bloggers’ routines.

Before ending this post, I’d like to share a few more thoughts on the service. I don’t see Plinky being something to which a blogger will turn on a daily basis, and that’s actually a good thing. By stockpiling inspiration, compulsive bloggers will have something to write about when the ideas just won’t come. The only issue is that WordPress might get flooded with nearly identical posts, but the likelihood of that happening is negligible. I also would like to commend the team behind the questions for the quality of its work. The prompts are strangely reminiscent of the University of Chicago’s famously quirky (yet fun) admissions essay questions. Those questions are selected from hundreds of ideas submitted by just as many people over the course of a year, and to be able to match their quality on a daily basis is something that deserves great respect.


2 Comments on “Cool Idea #4: Plinky”

  1. I joined plinky today, and so far, I love what I see. As a blogger who frequently has no idea what to blog about, I find myself often barely blogging at all. I think plinky will be a nice boost for me!

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