Cool Idea #6: The back scratcher T-shirt

It doesn’t look like I’m legally allowed to display the image here, but check out the shirt at (you’ll have to select the “back” view). Regardless, I’ll try to describe it briefly.

Remember Battleship? The game with a grid that had you guess the squares on which Little Billy had placed his ships? This shirt is like Battleship, but ships are replaced with itches, and Little Billy doesn’t lie to you about where the itches are. A 26×26 grid (A-Z and 1-26) dominates the back of the shirt. The wearer tells the scratcher where the itch is by giving him the exact coordinates that he wants scratched.

Besides the learning curve and the possibility of the shirt moving and throwing off scratcher-scratchee (?) coordination, the only issue I see is that the design doesn’t seem to cover the entire back, especially vertically. The uncovered spots are easy for a person to get on his/her own, but it would have been a nice feature that made the shirt a little bit more practical. The design also feels a little too basic, as though it needed something like duration and noogie vs. probe, but it accomplishes what it set out to do.


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