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Idea #0: The Imagination Blog
Ideas, concepts, strokes of genius. Whatever you call them, everybody has them. You do, I do, and all of your friends do. Sometimes they’re applicable in real life; sometimes they’re not. Sometimes people have ideas and want to protect others from using them. And sometimes, people want to share their ideas. However, there’s a problem with the way things work right now.
When an idea is shared for free, it is generally not one that could have been very profitable. It’s something like poetry or a short story; it’s a person’s expressions to share with the world, but not much else. With technical ideas that may be profitable, people’s self-interests tell them they should cash in on the ideas sometime in their lives, so they protect them inside their minds, notebooks, or patents. The problem is that too many many great ideas that are never acted upon. They just stagnate, and nobody benefits.
In order to avoid that happening with what my imagination creates, I have decided to take a different approach with the practical ideas I have. I’ve decided that I will share them for free. I haven’t patented them, and I don’t intend to do so. This is because as I see it, they’re not just mine. They’re the world’s.
My reasoning is simple. I’m an undergrad with decent grades, and occasionally I notice a problem that could be fixed with an invention. In most cases, I know there’s no way I’ll ever cash in on the ideas. In other words, I have no plans to bring them to life on my own, either because they’re too expensive or because I don’t have the time or the specific know-how to work on them. In posting the things that I’d (usually) like to see happen, my benefits outweigh my costs by far. True, I can’t ever be a patent troll, but if I get the chance to point at even one thing and say, “I came up with that,” I will have been rewarded sufficiently.  By creating this imagination blog, I benefit immensely. I  have an accessible log of my thoughts, I get feedback, and with luck, I might get to see some of my visions brought to life. Sometimes, this might even help people who have resources but not the right ideas. In essence, this blog is my version of an artist’s portfolio.
Those are my personal motives. On a different plane, I think that this can grow into something bigger than just one kid posting his ideas for the world and a few people acting on them. If this takes off, this could be the new way things go from thoughts to tangibles. A network can be created, consisting of two parties: small pro bono “think tanks” and the people who capitalize on their ideas. Projects like Wikipedia have made raw information open-source, and this network will do the same for ideas.
Please read and subscribe if you like what you see. If you have an idea, then share it, either here or on your own site. Let’s start a movement to make the world a better, more open place.

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